Love Never Dies:  Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise is available through, Barnes & or your local bookstore.

Larry Barber, author of the faith based grief survival guide Love Never Dies: Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise, knows grief all too well.  In May 1993 his wife Cindy and two year old daughter Katie died from injuries suffered in a traffic accident in Arlington, Texas.  As a widowed single parent he raised two surviving children, nine year old Sarah and 12 year old Christian. Early in his grief walk Barber cried out to God to send people and knowledge into his life that would help him and his children through his grief journey.  In return he has promised that he would gladly share what God equipped him with to help other mourners. Since that promise, Larry has accepted a grief support ministry that has reached out to thousands who struggle after the death of a loved one.

Part of that ministry to the grieving is his book Love Never Dies: Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise (Xulon Press, July 2011)

Highlights of his book include:

Lighten your grief burden by changing how you view grief.

Love Never Dies:  Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise helps mourners, caregivers and helping professionals understand that:

  • Grief is the expression of love for the person who has died.  Mourners do not need to be fixed, cured, diagnosed, pitied or corrected.

  • Healthy grief embraces the loss experience.  Grief serves a purpose.  Avoiding grief delays healing.

  • Maintaining a relationship with the person who has died is healthy and healing. Mourners do not have to “let go” of their loved one in order to progress successively in their grief.  

Love Never Dies includes insights from mourning experts that show there is:

  • HOPE  for today and the future

  • PROMISE that the resources needed to get through grief are available