Who's The Real Grief Expert?

black and silver dslr lens Grief can never be easy, but understanding the real nature of grief and the causes of our pain can make the struggle easier.  Learning to live without a precious loved one or friend in your life is always difficult.  Because our culture does not prepare us for death and loss, the process of grief becomes even more complicated.  Knowledge about dying, death and grief can prepare us to make wiser, healthier choices during the darkest times of life. The real experts of grief, the experienced mourners all around us, can provide us with that knowledge. All we have to do to prepare for our grief journey is to observe others, be open and listen to them.

There is no cookie cutter guide or one set of rules for every grief.  We mourners must find our own personal path through loss. How we mourn must fit our unique individual situation and needs.  I have processed my own losses and grief experience with the help of knowledgeable and experienced fellow mourners.  There is no prescription for all grief.  By observing others in grief, we mourners can learn that it is possible for the griever to work through grief successfully.

My hope for you is that you equip yourself with knowledge about the true nature of grief and how it applies to you and your loss.  I want you to have the hope that you will receive exactly what you need to move through grief toward healing from the emotional trauma of loss.  I want you to know the joy and peace of good mourning and a good life.

Congratulations on the courage you are showing daily in facing your grief and searching for the help, support and comfort you need.   I believe that no one was meant to go through grief alone and without hope.  My expectation is that the personal experiences and insights of other mourners can help you with your passage through grief.

Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.  …… encourage one another with these words. (I Thessalonians 4:13, 18 NIV)

Written by Larry M. Barber, LPC-S, CT author of the grief survival guide “Love Never Dies: Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise”  available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Christianbook.com.

The grief survival guide is also available in Spanish as “El Amor Nunica Muere: Aceptando el Dolor con Esperanza y Promesa” on Amazon.com.

Larry is the director of GriefWorks, a free grief support program for children and their families in Dallas TX  http://grief-works.org.