7 Essential Principles About Relationships

affection afterglow backlit blur When life ends for someone we love, our priorities can change.  Suddenly once was important is trivial now.  Also things we once took for granted become very important to us.  One of those important things in life is relationship.  We hopefully come to realize that the important things in life are not things.  The important "things" are people and our relationships with them.

Here are seven principles to remember about relationships that can be life-changing:

  1. Relationships are God-given because God knows it’s not good for us to be alone.
  2. God gives us the possibility of relationship with everyone who comes into our lives. Some relationships last a short time, some last a long time, and the most important relationships are eternal.
  3. Every person who comes into your life can teach you something if you are open to learning.
  4. No relationship with another person will meet all your needs. People will disappoint and hurt you.
  5. There are no mind readers in your earthly relationships. You have to talk openly with others to make relationships function successfully.
  6. When people change, relationships can change.
  7. You’re here for other people, not the other way around.

Written by Larry M. Barber, LPC-S, CT author of the grief survival guide “Love Never Dies: Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise”  available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Christianbook.com.

The grief survival guide is also available in Spanish as “El Amor Nunca Muere: Aceptando el Dolor con Esperanza y Promesa” on Amazon.com.

Larry is the director of GriefWorks, a free grief support program for children and their families in Dallas TX  http://grief-works.org.